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Seeds Cannabis Sativa L . this strains is present in the official catalogue for cannabis varieties legally cultivable in Europe



Cannabis Sativa L. Certificate varieties included in the European list of hemp varieties for industrial cultivation. These strains are legal to cultivate in most countries of the world. They are grown for cultivation for biomass production or food and textile purposes. The active principle thc usually and around 0.2% the CBD rarely exceeds 5%. Industrial hemp seeds come from the original sacks of manufacturers, they always appear regular (never feminized) they can be autoflower or photoperiod. In addition, unlike cannabis found in nature, some varieties are dioecious, with the presence of both sexes

carmagnola industrial certified hemp

Carmagnola Cannabis Sativa Certified

Certified Carmagnola Sativa Cannabis, cultivated for centuries in Italy, is in particular in the Turin province of the same name. This variety of Cannabis is…

certified hemp semi eletta campana

Eletta Campana, one of the certified varieties of industrial hemp

“Eletta Campana” is a historic Italian variety included in the list of hemp varieties certified for cultivation in Italy according to law 242/16, cultivated for…

List of varieties Hemp Sativa Certificate

List of certified Hemp varieties What does Certificate mean : They are industrial Sativa L. hemp varieties, certified by the European control bodies for their…

The Cultivation of Industrial Hemp is permitted by Europe law, thanks to this new opening the cultivation of industrial cannabis saw a boom in new businesses and farmers. The average yield of a hemp crop is very high in terms of yield compared to other crops, which is why several startups have started cultivating and processing hemp products.

These varieties of hemp have been grown in Italy and in Europe for many centuries like all the sativa varieties grow tall in stem up to 6 meters for the variety carmagnola.

Moreover in this type of cannabis we find a variety that in nature does not exist the "dioecious" plants. In fact, hemp in nature is a dioecious plant and develops both sexes only in particular stress conditions. Growing industrial hemp will yield 100% hermaphroditic plants that are particularly suitable for food cultivation.