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Kush, let’s discover this type of cannabis

original genetic cannabis pakistan

Cannabis is classified in many different ways. Generally, this resinous flower is classified as a sativa, hybrid or indica, based on the morphology of the plant. However, cannabis can be further classified through a vernacular defined by popular cultures, such as Kush, Haze and Purple. These terms refer to types of cannabis characterised by distinct smells, tastes, effects or geographical regions.

Feature of Cannabis  ” Kush “?

This particular variety of cannabis that descends from the Hindu-Kush mountains. This mountain range covers the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and is one of the few geographical regions where the cannabis plant grows natively. Having strong “Kush” genetics usually means that one strain will have some of the following attributes:

  • Appearance: your strain can present intense green colas and leaves with shades of purple. Pistils (hairs) may look orange, bronze or rust coloured. The buds are dense, thick and knotted, coming from stubby and thick plants.
  • Odour: aroma can vary between earthy, floral, pungent, pine, incense, sweet fruit, hash spices, pepper, citrus fruits, gas and herbs.
  • Taste: smoke or vapours must be smooth and herbaceous, with the tasting of flowers, grapes, diesel, citrus fruits and earth.
  • Effects: the effects are generally heavy and sedative. They are usually accompanied by a bright euphoria that puts a smile on the consumer in bed. Introspection or internal reflection is also a common effect of this variety.

Keep in mind that these attributes may vary from log to log. How a strain grows and its unique genetic expression (referred to as “phenotype”) naturally affects the characteristics of a strain. Among strain breeders, this variety is famous for crossbreeding and, in turn, stabilises hybrid genetics. As with many physical strains, Kush genetics has a natural resistance to certain elements originating from their native land. This includes resistant stocks and vegetation that can survive colder and more rigid climates and moderate water consumption, allowing the plant to withstand a somewhat arid terrain. In addition to their natural resilience, many growers choose to grow this variety for their heavy crops and manageable height.

Quali sono i ceppi di Kush Cannabis più popolari?

A simple search for “Kush” will produce hundreds of strains with an Afghan ancestor, but let’s start with the five most popular:

 1. OG Kush

The most famous of all varieties is the OG Kush strikes the weak point of the Indica predominantly hybrid scale. The comfortable but sturdy sedation of this strain coupled with uplifting euphoria makes it the perfect effort to be satisfied with. Also available in light cannabis version on our site.

2. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is what usually comes to mind when people think of Indica-dominant effects. This strain is mushy and sedative, weighing down the consumer on the sofa as if they were wearing concrete boots with a tight-fitting cement suit and an impressive cement trench coat. Bubba can also ignite your appetite; try not to fall asleep in front of the fridge while you put a box of egg waffles.

3. Purple Kush

Purple Kush is an excellent example of dominant attributes. This strain has purple foliage and will generally have an earthy, grapey flavour, as well as sleepy effects.

4. Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG takes the classic hybrid effects of OG and deepens its sedative effects with the addition of Skywalker. This variety develops a flavour and aroma rich in fruit, diesel, mimicking the happy and uplifted mental characteristics of its paternal genetics. The creeping and sedative effects dissolve on the body, bringing the consumer from the side of daylight to the dark side of the night (and sleep).

5. Melon Kush

Melon Kush is another classic that inherits attributes directly from Hindu. With a mixture of sleepy, happy and relaxing effects, Master Kush earns his title. This variety is an excellent alternative to Bubba. This cannabis variety is also available in our cannabis light version catalogue.


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