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Feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds, which bloom automatically (regardless of the hours of light received each day) and complete the entire cycle from 8 weeks to 11 weeks, to switch from bud to mature top. In nature, the cannabis plant is a short photoperiod plant, which starts flowering when the days get shorter. In indoor crops, once the plants have reached the desired size, the grower changes the 18-hour light timer to 12 hours of light a day, causing flowering. Outdoors, in the northern hemisphere, natural light will cause flowering approximately at the beginning of August.

CBD Seeds autoflower

Cultivating autoflowering seeds advantages

Before the beginning of the autoflowering era, the only way to get an outdoor story during the summer was to cover each plant every day so that it would not receive more than 12 hours a day of light exposure. This involved a great deal of work so many farmers gave up on it.

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Autoflowering cannabis crop

Most varieties require a minimum of almost three months for a complete cycle. The feminized autoflowering indoor seeds offer the grower new exciting possibilities. The first, to get the finished product in just two months indoors or outdoors. Another fantastic possibility for outdoor growers is to obtain multiple crops in a calendar year: from spring to autumn it is also possible to obtain four outdoor crops, in temperate climate areas such as the Mediterranean. In many places on the planet, where the temperature never drops below 18-20 °, autoflowering can be grown all year round. In Definitive, using marijuana autoflowering seeds in the outdoor environment, we can obtain excellent results with 1/3 of the work necessary for photoperiodic plants.